Who We Are

Ortega Capital is a global trading service provider with an aim to deliver consistent and high-quality returns to our investors through robust risk management and superior quantitative strategies over the long-term.

We are highly committed to our guiding principles of Consistency & Sustainability, Risk Aversion and Fund Safety – built into the heart of our investment philosophy and decision making framework.

Guiding Principles


Consistency & Sustainability

Good investing is boring. If investing is entertaining, you're probably not making any money. – George Soros

Ortega Capital aims to deliver consistent and sustainable returns over the long term through leveraging the effect of compounding. Compounding, alongside prudent financial management, will form the bedrock of your wealth in years to come.


Risk Aversion

Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it. – Benjamin Graham

Robust risk management systems are built into the core of Ortega Capital's quantitative strategies. We adopt a very disciplined trading approach by adhering to a conservative set of trading parameters with an aim to maximize risk-adjusted returns for our clients.


Fund Safety

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. – Warren Buffet

Ortega Capital places a huge emphasis on the safety of client funds while our clients accumulate their wealth across the years. Client funds are managed by a Third Party Fund Administrator, which ensures proper fund segregation and fund accounting practices. We are also regulated under the Labuan Financial Services Authority, which provides an additional layer of supervisory and fund security.