Getting Started

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Effortless yet stable.
That is how your earnings should be.

Trading the forex markets can be daunting. Why attempt to trade yourself and risk losing all your capital? Let us do the heavy lifting and manage the trading for you.

1. Register

Open an account via our mobile app or web portal

2. Fund

Fund your account wallet via bank transfer

3. Portfolio

Login to view all available managed accounts solution. Select your desired product. Agree to the LPOA terms for us to manage your trading portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

By using a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA), you are granting the permission to us to trade your account on your behalf. Investors retain full control of their funds and it is the ideal way to have your funds professionally traded and managed for maximum safety and control.

No, the LPOA only grant the traders the right to trade your account. Your funds are held in a fully segregated client account with the brokerage. This means that the only person that can make deposits or withdrawals is you.

You have 100% liquidity to your funds, so you can withdraw some or all of your money whenever you wish.

Please note that you will not be able to place your own trades with this service, given we are managing the trading on your behalf.

Investors have live access to their managed account at all times, either through our mobile app or via our online portal. Investors can check the balance of their account at any time, view the historical trade activities, make transactions such as deposits, withdrawal or transfers whenever they desire.

Depending on the product, we charge management fees and/or performance fees. We have highwater mark in all our products i.e. we make money only when our clients make money. At the close of business on the last calendar day of each month, we will capture your account equity to calculate the performance and the associated fees.

Sign up an account to view more on our product’s terms and conditions.

If a losing month occurs, there will be no performance fee will be charged. Performance fee will only be charged after we exceed the high watermark in the following months.

High watermark safeguards your highest equity point. This ensures 100% alignment of interest between our traders and clients as we will need to exceed your previous highest equity point before we can charge any performance fees.

Your profits are reinvested automatically. You can choose to make a withdrawal anytime you wish.

We will be executing the trades for our clients using our choice broker’s connectivity and at a wholesale brokerage pricing, which is cheaper than normal retail commissions.

However, should your fund size exceed US$10M, it is possible to engage other liquidity providers. Please contact us at [email protected] for further discussions.