Our Focus

Our Approach

We trade the FX spot market, focusing on G10 major currency pairs. Our strategies exploit market opportunities and inefficiencies via price action technical trading concepts. We utilize algorithmic systems to optimize our risk management and trade execution process.

Our conservative strategies offer a source of reliable returns that is uncorrelated to traditional asset classes, which allows for stable wealth accumulation in the long run.

Why FX?

Why Algo Trading?

Why Focus on Capital Preservation?

At Ortega Capital, we place a strong focus on capital preservation as clients are sensitive to any loss of capital. We believe that by focusing on loss avoidance, it delivers the best client experience in the long run.

Prospect Theory

Losses hurt more than the equivalent gains feel good

Key points

  • Individual’s fear of losses is greater than their joy of gains
  • Most clients would prefer to avoid losses rather than to chase profits

High cost of loss

Losses require much larger % gains and efforts to make back

Key points

  • Avoiding loss is a key concern for clients looking to preserve capital

Source: Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, 1979, “Prospect Theory. An Analysis of Decision Making Under Risk“. For illustrative purpose only.

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