Monthly Market Updates

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March 2022 Market Wrap

The Dollar extended its rally as geopolitical tensions and a hawkish Fed buoyed demand for the safe-haven asset. In March, the Federal Reserve raised its

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February 2022 Market Wrap

The Dollar rallied higher, supported by prospects of higher interest rates in March alongside a fragile risk environment as Western countries ramped up their sanctions

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January 2022 Market Wrap

The Dollar extended its rally to reach levels not seen since July 2020, supported by a hawkish Fed and a risk adverse environment which buoyed

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December 2021 Market Wrap

The Dollar retreated from November’s high as seasonal tendencies kick in. The currency tends to underperform in December as companies move money offshore before the

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November 2021 Market Wrap

The Dollar extended its rally in November, buoyed by a hawkish Fed, as Jerome Powell said policymakers could discuss accelerating the tapering of monthly bond

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October 2021 Market Wrap

FX markets saw wild price movements in October with overbought and oversold conditions going to the extremes. Yen weakened significantly to a multi-year low, along

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September 2021 Market Wrap

September saw a swift rally in US Dollar, and the worst selloff in equities since March last year, as investors fled to the safe-haven currency

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August 2021 Market Wrap

The US Dollar climbed in August, bolstered by safe-haven demand as investors fretted over the political unrest in Afghanistan and the spread of the Covid

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July 2021 Market Wrap

The US Dollar weakened against most of the G7 currencies, aside from the Canadian and Australian Dollar. In the recent FOMC meeting, Federal Reserve Chairman

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